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Economics: Lower initial cost

A dome is the geometric shape that encloses the largest amount of volume with the least amount of surface area. This generates a greater saving of building material to enclose usable space or work area than any other structure with a different form.


Since their discovery, geodesic domes have been one of the safest havens in areas with the most extreme and violent climates on the planet, since exposure to cold in winter and heat in summer is reduced.

Weight and Strength

Due to its high strength to weight ratio, when we talk about geodesic domes, we are talking about incredibly lightweight structures.

Some FAQs about the Geodesic Dome


A geodesic dome is a hemispherical thin-shell structure (lattice-shell) based on a network of geodesics (great circles) on the surface of a sphere or a hemisphere. The geodesics intersect to form triangular elements, which have local, triangular rigidity, and so distribute the structural stress throughout the geodesic sphere.

Buckminster Fuller, a philosopher, mathematician, engineer, historian and poet, invented the geodesic dome. One of Fuller’s lifetime quests was to build designs to do more with fewer resources, foreseeing an eventual shortage in housing for humanity’s growing population. He observed problems inherent in conventional construction techniques, as opposed to the ease of construction and indigenous strength of natural structures. Interested in creating a structure analogous to  nature’s own designs, he started to experiment with spherical geometry in the late 1940’s. He patented the geodesic dome in 1951. Today geodesic domes are recognized to be the most efficient building systems known.

The primary factor affecting efficient use of materials and energy in a structure is its shape. Think of a soap bubble. A sphere represents the smallest amount of material surface area needed to enclose a given volume of space. A divided sphere becomes one of the most efficient shapes known to enclose a given floor area.

Yes, Dome Guys Mauritius domes can be used all year round in nearly any climate conditions. Many of our customers set up their domes as semi-permanent or permanent structures and never take them down for a winter / summer season. Thanks to high quality of materials used for production of our geodesic dome kits, they are not prone to harsh weather conditions or low temperatures.

In standard all steel elements of our self-assembly geodesic dome kits are hot-dip galvanised (both sided). This means that they are completely protected from corrosion and will not rust even if exposed to high humidity / water for long periods of time.

For better visual finish, choose optional powder coating of steel elements. All framework pipes and structure feet will be not only galvanised, but also powder-coated white with polyester semi-gloss RAL 9010 powder paint.

Powder-coating is purely aesthetic feature and we recommend it to all clients that pay attention to details and look for high quality finish.


3D rendered Geodesic Domes

We have a team of expert who is ready to help you design your Geodesic Dome structure using 3D software from Maya and latest rendering software from Arnold. Get the feel and look of your dome before building it. Need help for your next project?